The Athenian School

Teaching environmental stewardship is a key component at The Athenian School. Students engage in community service projects each year such as programs to encourage recycling and gardening.

The Athenian School is committed to conserving natural resources and teaching students the true cost of their impacts. Students and faculty participate in campus greening events, making the school a model for all.

City of Santa Barbara

The beach town of Santa Barbara has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through an innovative use of technology and green policies for employees.

Waste Less Living

Waste Less Living is an environmental consulting firm with a passion for waste diversion and composting. Located in Pasadena, California, Waste Less Living provides eco-friendly event planning services, zero-waste consulting, green school programs and much more.

Stanford's Restaurant

Stanford’s Restaurant, located in downtown Walnut Creek, has challenged themselves to be a community leader and provide other restaurants with a sustainable business model by showing a commitment to both helping the environment and remaining profitable. Stanford’s is a full service restaurant and bar with sales over $4 million annually.

Fetzer Vineyards

Fetzer Vineyards is not only popular for its affordable and palatable wines; the company has been a recognized role model for sustainability since it formalized its commitment to the environment in 1998.

Sun Harbor Marina

Sun Harbor Marina, located at the America's Cup Harbor in San Diego, provides a safe and friendly docking facility to a variety of tenants.

In 2003, the original marina was demolished to make way for environmentally friendly renovations. In 2005, Sun Harbor Marina became the world’s only LEED certified marina. During demolition, half of the existing materials were sent to be recycled or reused, rather than thrown away.

Light and Motion Industries

Light and Motion Industries, Inc. is a manufacturing company located in a converted building on Monterey’s famous Cannery Row. They design, market, and manufacture two product lines: high performance bike headlights and high quality underwater video and digital camera housing and lighting. Light and Motion Industries, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by aggressively incorporating recycled materials into their products, purchasing ENERGY STAR® equipment and using green cleaners and solvents.


Vince Vicari interviews ARB intern Brianna to find out more about the benefits of commuting by bicycle compared to driving a car alone. Watch our video with Vince and Brianna about why she chose to ride a bike more and how you can do it to! Riding a bike 20 miles per week instead of driving a car that gets 20 miles per gallon, provides an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint by:

City of Pasadena

As a large urban community known for its chic lifestyle, Pasadena is committed to going green through massive energy and water use overhauls, along with encouraging the use of alternative transportation methods like improved bus lines and bike paths.

Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa

Casa Madrona, a sixty-three room hotel and spa, combines all the luxury of contemporary accommodations with the feel of a traditional inn, while staying committed to the environment. The hotel purchases environmentally friendly products, such as re-fillable amenity bottles and recycled-content paper. Casa Madrona takes resource conservation seriously by using water efficient fixtures, installing energy efficient appliances, and promoting public transportation to conserve fossil fuels.

Cibola Systems Corporation

Cibola Systems is an audiovisual design firm specializing in creating business meeting environments while integrating AV technologies that inspire team communication.

Since 1971, Cibola Systems has embraced the accelerating changes in audiovisual and multimedia technology while remaining committed to the environment. They are recognized for their record in sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy, material and resource management, indoor environmental quality and innovation in the design process.

Weston Miles Architects

Weston Miles Architects, Inc. (WMA) is an award-winning landscape and architecture business that practices innovative and sustainable building design. WMA offers architectural services for the construction of educational facilities, civic, residential, and historical renovations. WMA has been recognized for nearly a decade by the Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of the top 25 architecture and design firms in the area. Concepts from the U.S.

Atlas Disposal Industries

Atlas Disposal Industries was founded on the principles of sustainability. People, planet and prosperity are the three principles that define the way they do business. Guided by these core values, Atlas has quickly emerged as the fastest growing waste and recycling hauling company in the Sacramento area. They strive to respond to urgent environmental challenges such as water conservation, waste reduction, and clean air.

City of Irvine

The city of Irvine has found its calling and become an innovative urban metropolis focused on reducing the carbon footprint of both its residents and its municipal operations. The city plans to achieve significant carbon reductions through a few key strategies: green building standards, energy efficiency retrofits, and a zero waste future.

Three Squares, Inc.

Three Squares Inc. (TSI) is leading the way as a sustainable business force that maintains balance between the people, economic growth and the planet. As a globally recognized environmental consulting firm, Three Squares specializes in developing sustainability plans for corporations, government agencies and academic institutions.

Carmel Unified School District

Collaboration, passion, and a lot of hard work are proving place-based, hands-on science lessons are possible and successful for the small seaside community of Carmel, California. In 1995 the Carmel Unified School District (CUSD) approved a project to turn a 10-acre property adjacent to the Carmel Middle School into a natural learning center for its students. The property was named the Hilton Bialek Habitat.

Solana Center

The Solana Center for Environmental Education and Innovation operates as a non-profit organization designed to teach creative solutions to ecological problems within a community. Solana is Spanish for “a place where light shines” and they carry this philosophy with them throughout their business practices. The Solana Center opened in 1983 and pioneered the first comprehensive curbside recycling program in San Diego County. Since then, the Solana Center has shifted its focus to public outreach efforts.

Arroyo High School

At Arroyo High School, five students led by 2011 Cool California Climate Champion Elaine Lac, started composting in order to produce a viable alternative to commercial compost for the school to utilize. Composting reduces the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill while providing a nutrient rich soil to be used in a garden.

Ukiah High School

Members of the Ukiah High School Environmental Club created the Bring Your Own Bag campaign to boost community awareness and involvement in reducing plastic bag use.

The BYOBag ‘s goal was to raise awareness about the need for reusable bags and to connect with residents in favor of passing an ordinance banning single use plastic bags. The ordinance would also place a fee on one time use paper bags.

Fresh Air Yard Care

Fresh Air Yard Care endeavors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing yard care maintenance using only hand powered, electric and propane equipment. Fresh Air Yard Care uses brooms, rakes and push sweepers instead of gas-powered-blowers to clean walk ways and patios. They also use both both reel mowers and electric mowers that mulch clippings and organic matter.