Stockton Unified School District

The Getting Stockton to Zero Emissions: Clean Air for Our Community pilot project will help Stockton Unified School District pursue its goal of becoming California’s first zero-emission school district. Through this effort, the Center for Transportation and the Environment and SUSD will develop a Master Plan for the entire school district while deploying pilot vehicles on a small scale for testing.

El Monte Union High School District

Thanks to $9.8 million from California Climate Investments, El Monte Union High School District will be able to implement their Clean Mobility in Schools project, one of three projects awarded to school districts across California in 2020. These funds will help El Monte Union High School District purchase battery electric school buses and charging infrastructure, energy storage infrastructure, develop an active transportation plan, and much more, across six high schools and one bus garage.

Crestwood Healing Center

Crestwood Healing Center has taken a holistic view of their business’ environmental impact and pursued a comprehensive set strategies to reduce their footprint!


Tooles Garage

Toole’s Garage has taken a bold stance for environmental sustainability through changes to daily operations and a comprehensive set of facility improvements.

Uptown Studios

Uptown Studios strives to incorporate sustainability into every part of their service by regularly engaging their employees and implementing green business practices.

My Conference Essentials
My Conference Essentials is leading the way to a more sustainable future, eliminating unnecessary waste at every turn, and encouraging their clients to do the same.
Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning

Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning is leading the way in sustainability and promotes resource conservation in their business and in the community.

McCown & Evans LLP

McCown and Evans LLP is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and continually improving their environmental performance.

Image of a wine glass, wine bottle, and barrel.
Captain Vineyards

Captain Vineyards embodies sustainability through its initiatives and inspires viticulturists and visitors alike to conserve natural resources in their business operations and lifestyles.

The Glass Man

The Glass Man is dedicated to conducting business with the environment in mind, and educating others along the way.

Gaumenkitzel Restaurant

Berkeley-based Gaumenkitzel Restaurant has long been praised for its organic and slow-cooked German cuisine, but the restaurant also stands out for its green business practices.  

Greenbar Distillery

Small Business Award winner Greenbar Distillery uses only certified organic ingredients to enhance flavors and to prevent artificial fertilizers or pesticides from contaminating farmland and groundwater.


Nori's Eco Salon

Nori’s Eco Salon is the first hair salon to be certified by the City of Los Angeles as a green business because of their use of sustainable building materials, commitment to recycling, lowered energy consumption, use of non-toxic products, and reduced carbon footprint.

Natoma Technologies

Natoma Technologies is a Green Business Bureau certified information technology consulting firm and systems integrator. They focus on application development and integration, cloud migration, mobile, and data analytics with mostly public sector clients. In 2015, Natoma Technologies  took an in-depth look at their operations to understand their impact on the environment. They set purchasing policies to buy recycled or reused office furniture, ENERGY STAR equipment, and remanufactured toner cartridges.

SHN Engineers & Geologists

SHN prepared its first Sustainability Report using the Global Reporting Institute’s guidelines for small and medium business enterprises. A Sustainability Report often results in both direct and indirect cost savings. In SHN’s case, direct cost savings were modest because their offices are already designed for efficient lighting and heating; electrical use in the California offices is already less than the California Energy Commission’s average for similar buildings and use.

Dental Healing

Dental Healing offers services such as dental exams, complete dental health assessments, dental cleaning, zoom teeth whitening, safe mercury amalgam removal, laser cavity filling, dental implants and bridges, very low radiation and highly advanced x-rays. As a family dental practice that combines a passion for the environment with holistic dental health services, Dental Healing recently transformed a 2,500 square foot space into a healthy and earth conscious office.

Transformative Wealth Management

Offering financial planning and fee-only investment management, Affirmative Wealth Management (now known as Transformative Wealth Management, LLC) specializes in environmental sustainability, stewardship, and impact investing for clients who want to align money and values to help make a difference. Beyond managing sustainable investments for clients, the company demonstrates cost-effective energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emission reductions. Recently, Transformative Wealth Management bought a commercial building and did a complete green renovation of the property.

Clean solar van
Clean Solar

Clean Solar is a residential and commercial solar panel system installer offering a wide range of technology and financing options so home and business owners can reduce their electricity bills and generate their own clean, renewable energy.

Incredible Adventures

Incredible Adventures offers small group biofuel tours from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods and Wine Country as well as sightseeing and adventure tours throughout the US. They are an eco-friendly outdoor travel company that provides travelers a safe and reliable way to connect with nature.

Elevated Fitness

Elevated Fitness is a high altitude, human-powered fitness facility focusing on dynamic, scientific workouts based on solid, proven research. Elevated Fitness is America’s only truly carbon-neutral gym, producing more power than they use. The company purchased an electric vehicle (2 person electric SMART car) for both owners to commute to and from the gym and for all in-town gym errands and marketing events. The vehicle is charged by converting human energy produced in gym generators on spin bikes to electricity.