Cleaning the Way to a Sustainable Future

Mr. Squeegee’s team provides window, solar panel, and gutter cleaning services across California. Mr. Squeegee takes a bold stance on water conservation and has successfully used it to promote his business to the community. For each cleaning, water use is carefully metered, allowing Mr. Squeegee to use the minimum amount of water necessary and to share their water savings with customers after each job.

Mr. Squeegee is able to complete 99% of all residential window cleanings using less than 3 gallons of water and gutter cleanings are done using no more than 2 gallons of water! Additionally, 1.5 gallons of water or less are sufficient to clean an entire 40-panel solar array. To put this into perspective, most toilets use over 1.5 gallons of water per flush!

Mr. Squeegee won an award for best reviews on Thumbtack, a professional skillset matching web service for clients. Many of these online reviews praise Mr. Squeege staff’s water conservation efforts such as when they “did a great job and used a minimal amount of water,” demonstrating that clients appreciate being informed about the business’ environmentally conscious operations.


“We recognize our environmental impact and take steps to reduce it.” - Tony Hamberg, Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning


Mr. Squeegee himself, Tony Hamberg, owns two local businesses and has been invited to speak to the public about his success and sustainable operations. Mr. Hamberg spoke to a “Future Leaders of America” group at Joseph A. Gregori High School on how to be a successful small business by finding ways to reduce everyday costs. He shared his message of resource conservation such as going digital, printing on both sides of the paper, carpooling to work, and ridesharing to job sites.

His business made it a daily practice to unplug office equipment when not in use and use efficient lighting to conserve energy; the office manager also telecommutes, resulting in monthly savings of $40 per month on electric bills and $65 monthly on fuel costs. Additionally, Mr. Squeegee is planning to implement a vehicle tracking system that will optimize fuel consumption to and from job sites. A self-proclaimed “microbusiness”, Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning is a great example of how sustainable practices can lead to significant cost savings. As Mr. Hamberg noted in a recent presentation of his, “Watch the pennies. The dollars will take care of themselves.”



Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning
523 Glass Lane, Ste. 1-A
Modesto, CA 95356

Business Snapshot

Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning is leading the way in sustainability and promotes resource conservation in their business and in the community.

Water conservation efforts:
  • Limits water usage with a meter to:
  • 3 gallons for windows
  • 2 gallons for gutters
  • 1.5 gallons per 40 solar panels
  • Shares water saving tips with customers
Other Sustainable practices:
  • Office manager telecommutes
  • Employees rideshare to office and job sites
  • Office equipment is unplugged when not in use
  • Company vehicle tracking and optimization system