Our goal is to provide resources to help all Californians reduce their environmental impact and be part of the climate change solution.

Calculate your carbon footprint to see how you compare to similar Households or Businesses and find out how to make reductions.

For Schools and Government Agencies, we compiled a list of options as well.

The California Climate Action Portal Map (CAP-Map) is an open data tool developed by the California Air Resources Board to recognize local government climate action planning efforts across the state and to aggregate creative planning ideas for tackling climate change.

The Funding Wizard is a searchable database of grants, rebates and incentives to help you pay for sustainable projects, all in one place! The wizard's team comb the internet for funding opportunities in categories such as energy, air quality and climate change, transportation, urban development, waste management, water, and more.

Based on existing inventories conducted by K-12 schools and existing protocols, the best protocols for school districts in California are most likely the Local Government Operations Protocol or the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.