Small Business

Small business and sustainability are a perfect match! Learn how you can take action to improve your business operations and your bottom line!

Step 1. Understand

Sustainability Improves Business Profitability

Becoming more energy efficient, conserving water, and recycling/reducing/repurposing materials will reduce costs, leading to a more durable and profitable business.

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Disaster Recovery & Resiliency

This toolkit is designed with the small business in mind, and provides a concise, accessible, action-oriented, easy-to-use guide to creating a resiliency plan for your business: 


Step 2. Plan

Sustainability Planning: What to do Next

Before you know where you’re going, you need to know where you are. You can use that information to identify practices that you already support and those that can improve your business operations.

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Carbon Calculator

Calculate the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to support your business with our Carbon Calculator for Small Businesses.

Success Stories

Read about Crestwood Healing Center | Community Leaders for a Greener Tomorrow

Crestwood Healing Center has taken a holistic view of their business’ environmental impact and pursued a comprehensive set strategies to reduce their footprint!


Read about Tooles Garage | Extending Hybrid Vehicle Battery Life: Good for Business and the Environment!

Toole’s Garage has taken a bold stance for environmental sustainability through changes to daily operations and a comprehensive set of facility improvements.

Read about Uptown Studios | Social Marketing with a Flair for Sustainability

Uptown Studios strives to incorporate sustainability into every part of their service by regularly engaging their employees and implementing green business practices.

Read about My Conference Essentials | Event Hosting with a Touch of Sustainability
My Conference Essentials is leading the way to a more sustainable future, eliminating unnecessary waste at every turn, and encouraging their clients to do the same.
Read about Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning | Cleaning the Way to a Sustainable Future

Mr. Squeegee Window & Solar Panel Cleaning is leading the way in sustainability and promotes resource conservation in their business and in the community.

Read about McCown & Evans LLP | Migrating to a Green Way of Business

McCown and Evans LLP is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and continually improving their environmental performance.

Read about Captain Vineyards | The Message in the Bottle is Sustainability

Captain Vineyards embodies sustainability through its initiatives and inspires viticulturists and visitors alike to conserve natural resources in their business operations and lifestyles.

Image of a wine glass, wine bottle, and barrel.
Read about The Glass Man | Clearing the View to a Sustainable Future

The Glass Man is dedicated to conducting business with the environment in mind, and educating others along the way.

Read about Gaumenkitzel Restaurant | Slow-Cooked German Cuisine at the Cutting Edge of Sustainability

Berkeley-based Gaumenkitzel Restaurant has long been praised for its organic and slow-cooked German cuisine, but the restaurant also stands out for its green business practices.  

Read about Greenbar Distillery | Great Taste Without Waste!

Small Business Award winner Greenbar Distillery uses only certified organic ingredients to enhance flavors and to prevent artificial fertilizers or pesticides from contaminating farmland and groundwater.