Event Hosting with a Touch of Sustainability

My Conference Essentials (aka MCE Checkin) provides innovative event organization services for weddings, trade shows, conferences, and private engagements in the Sacramento region. MCE uses modern eCheck-in technology to provide clients with a streamlined registration system that also prevents unnecessary paper waste. Through this rapid check-in system, customers can avoid slow paperwork, long lines, and static seating arrangements.

Most event organizers print a list of name tags for all registrants prior to an event and end up trashing name tags for no-shows. To prevent this waste, MCE uses an eConcierge system that allows customers to make last minute changes to registration information and print out their name tags instantly upon arrival. For these stations, staff provide registrants with tablets, the latest ENERGY STAR printers, and use rechargeable batteries in all electronic devices. Following events, badge returns are incentivized with treats. MCE then recycles the paper and reuses the plastic name tag sleeves for future events. MCE estimates it saves customers an average of $300 per event through the mitigation of paper, ink, and battery waste.

MCE staff come into contact with a large and diverse range of people through the numerous events they host. Staff use this opportunity to remind attendees to be environmentally conscious with flyers that state “reduce your carbon footprint”. This message was even incorporated onto the back of MCE’s business cards. Over time this message has reached thousands of people across the Sacramento region.


“At MCE our golden rule is: only use the minimum quantity of resources you need to get the job done.” -Dionne Arokiasamy, Founder of MCE
These sustainable efforts have not gone unnoticed. MCE was recently awarded the 2016 Business Innovator of the Year from the Sac Cultural Media Foundation. At the awards ceremony, MCE spread the word about their sustainable practices to an audience of over 600 people. MCE has shown the surrounding community how small businesses can have a big impact. MCE believes the combination of cost-savings and feel-good waste reduction from their services provides lasting customer satisfaction. Dionne, manager of MCE, believes their unique eco-friendly business practices and low-stress virtual services are the backbone of their continuous word-of-mouth referral system.


My Conference Essentials
3230 Arena Boulevard #158
Sacramento, CA 95834

Business Snapshot

My Conference Essentials is leading the way to a more sustainable future, eliminating unnecessary waste at every turn, and encouraging their clients to do the same.

Green Actions:
  • Minimize printing waste using eCheck-in system
  • Use ENERGY STAR printers
  • Use rechargeable batteries in all electronic devices
  • Incentivize name-badge recycling
  • Encourage clientele to reduce their carbon footprint with strategic messaging on flyers and business cards