Local Government

Many cities and counties are already taking action to be part of the solution to address climate change. Read on to learn how your local jurisdiction can be part of the solution!

Step 2. Take Action


1. Find best practices from across California using the CAP-Map.

2. Find climate strategies and model policies below.

3. Test potential policies and see the impact in your community.

4. Let us know what your best practices are!


Mapping and sharing local climate action.

New: 2019 CA CAP Report

Step 3. Find Funding

Searchable database full of funding opportunities for sustainable projects

Success Stories

Read about City of Santa Barbara | City Leads in Energy Efficiency

The beach town of Santa Barbara has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through an innovative use of technology and green policies for employees.

Read about City of Pasadena | Crown of the Valley

As a large urban community known for its chic lifestyle, Pasadena is committed to going green through massive energy and water use overhauls, along with encouraging the use of alternative transportation methods like improved bus lines and bike paths.

Read about City of Irvine | A Zero Waste Future

The city of Irvine has found its calling and become an innovative urban metropolis focused on reducing the carbon footprint of both its residents and its municipal operations.

Read about Solana Center | Inspiring a Community

The Solana Center for Environmental Education and Innovation operates as a non-profit organization designed to teach creative solutions to ecological problems within a community.

Read about City of Santa Cruz | Santa Cruz Pledges Energy Efficiency

The coastal community of Santa Cruz, California has created a climate action plan that drastically reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through solar energy projects and green building renovations, along with numerous other conservation and energy efficiency strategies.

Read about County of San Bernardino | San Bernardino County Commits to Going Green

As the largest county in the United States, San Bernardino is leading the way as an environmentally conscientious region.

Read about City of Fresno | City of Fresno Makes Going Green Affordable

A large metropolitan area centered in the San Joaquin Valley, the city of Fresno is dedicated to lowering green house gas (GHG) emissions and preserving the surrounding natural landscape.

Read about Irwindale Chamber of Commerce | A Chamber for Eco-Action

The Irwindale Chamber of Commerce is committed to making eco-friendly decisions in the office and in the community. Through their Environmental Committee, they inform and advocate environmental concerns, emergency preparation and response planning for local businesses.

Read about Ecology Action | Action Equals Huge Impact

Since 1970 Ecology Action has combined municipal, foundation, and private funding to establish conservation programs, prove their effectiveness financially and operationally, and establish each program as a permanent community resource.

Read about City of Monterey | Ordinances Create Climate-Friendly City

The City of Monterey, known for its aquarium and Fisherman’s Wharf, has long been committed to preserving and protecting the natural environment. In July 2007, Mayor Chuck Della Sala signed the Urban Environmental Accords and the U.S.