Transit Improvements

Lead Authority: Public Works – Traffic & Transportation



  • Integrate rail, bus, bicycle and pedestrian networks to improve multimodal travel
  • Support expansion of transit services
  • Adopt new technologies to address unmet transportation needs

Progress Metrics

  • Percentage increase in transit ridership1
  • Decrease in wait times at transit stops1
  • Increased usage of active transportation supporting infrastructure at transit stops2

Implementation Measures


  • Require new transit stops provide secure bicycle storage


  • Work with local transit agency to increase transit frequency & service times
  • Work in cooperation with Metropolitan Planning Agency and nearby transit agencies to ensure seamless regional transportation transfers
  • Partner with smart mobility companies such as TNCs to provide transit alternatives for underserved transit areas and firs/last mile connections
  • Provide reduced cost transit passes for low-income residents


  • Provide educational materials and demonstrations on how to use new transit alternatives
  • Create targeted educational materials on benefits of public transportation aimed at schools, employers, and residential neighborhoods
  • Provide effective online resources with transit information including up to date and real time tracking of busses and trains


  • Low Carbon Transit Operations program
  • Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program


  1. Local Transit Agency Data
  2. Community surveying