Did you know ... with just five actions, the average California household may be able to reduce their carbon footprint by 50% or more?

Step 1. Calculate

Each household and individual in California has the power to protect the climate and keep California cool. See how you compare to similar households and find out how to make reductions.

Step 3. Find Funding

Searchable database full of funding opportunities for sustainable projects

Success Stories

Read about Brianna | "Ride a Bike and Save Two Trees a Year!"

Vince Vicari interviews ARB intern Brianna to find out more about the benefits of commuting by bicycle compared to driving a car alone. Watch our video with Vince and Brianna about why she chose to ride a bike more and how you can do it to!

Read about Karen and Al | From Empty Nest to Sustainable Rest

As soon as their kids were off to college, Karen and Al decided to downsize and move out of their large family home and settled into the idea of a home with a smaller, sustainable footprint.

Read about Sara | Saving Energy At Home

Ever since Sara was a child, she has made a conscious effort to conserve resources and recycle materials. Sara carried these values into adulthood and today saves both energy and money by using energy conservatively in her home.

Read about Liz | Saving energy with a clothesline

Liz has had a lifelong interest in preserving the earth's biodiversity. On a more local level she has found great enjoyment in growing her own food and going to farmers markets. She has strived to reduce her household carbon footprint and accomplished this with a few easy actions:

Read about Cheri | Biking to Work

Cheri has taken many actions to reduce her climate impact over the years, some were simple like choosing to compost and others were more complex like home improvement projects. Together with her husband, they have chosen to drive less and drive clean.

Read about Rachel | Teaching others about climate action

Rachel D has taken a number of actions to reduce her climate impact. Here she tells one action she is very proud of: