Zero-Emission Vehicles

Lead Authority: Public Works – Traffic & Transportation



  • Increase community adoption of electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Increase community awareness of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and available EV rebates
  • Lead by example through switching municipal fleet to electric alternatives
  • Provide a diverse network of vehicle charging infrastructure to accommodate different needs
  • Prioritize expansion of public charge infrastructure in disadvantaged communities

Progress Metrics

  • Percentage community EV ownership1
  • Percentage of city vehicles replaced by EVs2
  • Number of public EV chargers per capita3
  • Number of residential EV charger installations3

Implementation Measures


  • Amend zoning to require new developments allow priority parking for alternative fuel vehicles
  • Streamline review process for installation of EV chargers for both residential and commercial areas


  • Provide 24-hour permit review for single-family residential EVSE applications and five-day permit review for commercial and multi-family EVSE applications.
  • Provide permit guidance to allow private installations of charging infrastructure in the right-of-way, with priority for applications that serve multi-family or workplace charging, or support EV car share or similar shared mobility programs
  • Identify opportunities to encourage the conversion of conventional fueling stations to include ZEV charging hubs, and explore methods to encourage installation of EV chargers at existing gas stations.
  • Provide incentives for local businesses to install EV charging facilities in existing parking lots


  • Partner with community-based organizations
  • Advance visibility and awareness of new vehicle technologies through ride-and-drive events and vehicle showcases
  • Encourage development of elementary and high school curriculum on ZEV mobility options and promote incorporation of the curriculum in local programs.
  • Provide information on vehicle rebate and incentive programs to low-income communities


  • Federal tax credit for clean vehicles
  • California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (for public fleets and residents)
  • CalEVIP
  • Air District, Utility and other local incentive programs


  1. CARB Fleet search tool (coming soon)
  2. City Fleet Data
  3. Permit data