Prioritizing Development Around Transit

Lead Authority: Community Development – Planning Division          Supporting Measures: SB 375



  • Zone for increased density around existing and planned transit stops
  • Participate in Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Ensure equal access to affordable housing near transit

Progress metrics

  • Number of housing units constructed within 0.5 miles of transit stops1
  • Percent increase in walkability index score2

Implementation Measures


  • Amend zoning ordinance with provisions for parking maximums and reduced parking minimums within 0.5 miles of existing and planned transit stops, especially those with high-quality service
  • Amend zoning ordinance to increase maximum heights of buildings allowed within 0.5 miles of  existing and planned transit stops, preferably those with high-quality service
  • Streamline permitting process for new developments located within 0.5 miles of existing and planned transit stops
  • Require bicycle parking minimums at transit stations
  • Implement an inclusionary zoning ordinance and/or increase affordable housing minimums for transit priority areas above citywide requirements


  • Provide transit subsidies for new residents and businesses residing within 0.5 miles of existing and planned transit stops


  • Provide educational materials on usage of public transportation
  • Publish neighborhood-specific maps identifying transit options


  • Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program
  • Low Carbon Transit Operations program
  • Sustainable Communities planning grants
  • Active Transportation program