Active Transportation Modes

Lead Authority: Public Works – Traffic & Transportation



  • Update and implement Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Integrate rail, bus, bicycle and pedestrian networks to improve multimodal travel
  • Fill gaps in the sidewalk and bikeway system of the City
  • Prioritize connectivity of active transportation facilities in disadvantaged and low-income communities

Progress Metrics

  • Increase in bicycle lane & trail miles1
  • 100% connected sidewalk network1
  • Increase in miles of streets that meet complete street design standards1

Implementation Measures


  • Ordinance requiring secure bike storage facilities for significant new private development
  • Develop complete streets standards. Require all new road construction to be designed to these standards and identify streets for complete streets improvements
  • Require all new developments to include connected sidewalks and bicycle storage facilities


  • Provide an incentive program for employees who bike or walk as their main form of commuting
  • Partner with Metropolitan Planning Organization to encourage active transportation choices through programs such as May is Bike Month


  • Use temporary, low cost demonstrations of complete street improvements such as traffic calming measures and protected bicycle lanes
  • Host workshops with bicycle & walk audits where participants can identify areas that need improvements
  • Host events that encourage bicycling such as free community bike maintenance workshops


  • Active Transportation program


  1. Permit Data