Clearing the View to a Sustainable Future

The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company specializes in environment-friendly, professional window cleaning services. This small business tackles skylights, mirrors, light fixtures, solar panels, rain gutters, and screen repair, on both commercial and residential properties. The Glass Man is committed to environmental sustainability and promoting green actions throughout their community.

The Glass Man uses natural soaps to reduce harmful contaminant runoff, minimizes water usage, and provides paperless invoicing and estimates. These conservation efforts not only preserve natural resources – they also save money.

Not surprisingly, water is the primary resource used by The Glass Man. To conserve water, staff use cleaning buckets with lids that allow unused water to be saved and reused for the next job.

As a business that travels frequently for on-site service to homes and offices throughout Ventura County and the City of Santa Barbara, driving is also a key part of their business. To reduce fuel consumption (and associated carbon emissions), employees use mapping software and effective scheduling to minimize the the miles traveled by staff to the different sites.



“We shout out loud about the way we run the company and it is slowly impacting other local businesses.” -Dan Glassman, Owner


The Glass Man is always seeking new sustainability-focused opportunities to spread the word on what they are doing and how other business can also implement better environmental practices. This led them to become certified as a green business by both the City of Ventura and the California Green Business Network. They have also been a member of One Percent for the Planet for the past seven years, donating 1% of their gross revenue to local environmental organizations including: the Ventura Land Trust, Ventura Botanical Gardens, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, and the Mountain Restoration Trust.

Clients are well aware of the company’s dedication to sustainability efforts, which have been rewarded through community recognition and word-of-mouth referrals.

The Glass Man has also pledged to take additional steps in the next year to reduce the business’ carbon footprint even more. Some of their actions include improving fleet fuel efficiency through proper maintenance and eco-driving, promoting ride-sharing, telecommuting whenever possible, and even planting trees.

The Glass Man realizes that change does not come quickly, but believes that serving as a community role model by reducing their business’ environmental impact will have a significant impact in the long run.



The Glass Man
Ventura, CA

Business Snapshot

The Glass Man is dedicated to conducting business with the environment in mind, and educating others along the way.

Green Actions:
  • Uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Minimizes use of water through recycling efforts
  • Provides clients with paperless invoices and estimates
  • Minimizes driving through strategic travel scheduling
Company Pledges:
  • Improve fleet fuel efficiency
  • Telecommute whenever possible
  • Promote employee eco-driving and ridesharing
  • Plant trees in community