Great Taste Without Waste!

Not only is Greenbar Distillery iconic for being Los Angeles’ first distillery since the Prohibition era, but it is also gaining recognition for housing the largest portfolio of organic spirits within the United States. The distillery uses only certified organic ingredients to enhance flavors and to prevent artificial fertilizers and pesticides from contaminating farmland groundwater.

To reduce its carbon footprint, Greenbar Distillery is decreasing energy and water consumption. For example, the business has installed skylights to minimize daytime lighting, converted existing bulbs to LEDs through a commercial lighting incentive program, and has started recycling the water used in the production process to cool off their machinery.

Greenbar Distillery is also reducing the environmental impact of their product by using bottles that are 25% lighter than the average bottle of spirits, and recycled labels made with 100% post-consumer and water-soluble inks. Wasteful bottle detailing such as frosting, plastic wrapping, and metallic paints are all avoided.


"Choose not only to drink better, but to drink to a better world” - Melkon Khosrovian, owner 


In addition to a sustainable approach to production, the distillery also has a unique initiative in which they plant one tree for every bottle of spirits sold. Through this effort, over 650,000+ trees have been planted in the rainforests of Central America, where they provide local communities with shade for fair trade coffee and cacao crops and serve as a carbon sink.

Greenbar Distillery hosts weekly distillery tours, where visitors are informed on how the distillery operates and all of their sustainability initiatives.  Greenbar Distillery’s tree planting program is very popular with tour participants, who are delighted to hear that a single bottle purchase results in the planting of a tree.



Greenbar Distillery
2459 E 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Business Snapshot

Greenbar Distillery uses only certified organic ingredients to enhance flavors and to prevent artificial fertilizers or pesticides from contaminating farmland and groundwater.

Green Actions:
  • Reduced packaging waste and glass bottle weight
  • Choosing 100% post-consumer recycled labels and water-soluable inks
  • Eliminated use of plastics, metalllic paints, and frosting on bottles
  • For every bottle of spirits sold, they plant a tree in Central America
Facility Renovations:
  • Recycles production water to cool systems
  • Installed skylights to maximize natural lighting
  • Replaced lighting with LEDs