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Read about Gaumenkitzel Restaurant | Slow-Cooked German Cuisine at the Cutting Edge of Sustainability

Berkeley-based Gaumenkitzel Restaurant has long been praised for its organic and slow-cooked German cuisine, but the restaurant also stands out for its green business practices.  

Read about Greenbar Distillery | Great Taste Without Waste!

Small Business Award winner Greenbar Distillery uses only certified organic ingredients to enhance flavors and to prevent artificial fertilizers or pesticides from contaminating farmland and groundwater.


Read about Global Gourmet Catering & Events | Serving the Community, Catering to the Planet

Global Gourmet is Northern California’s first certified full-service catering company under the San Francisco Green Business Program.

Read about Rising Loafer Cafe | Eco-minded Café and Bakery

The Rising Loafer Café and Bakery’s mission is to “contribute to the well-being of their community.” Their breakfast and lunch menus are prepared with locally grown ingredients to help reduce the business’ carbon footprint and support the local economy.

Read about Manhattan Bread and Bagel | Partnering for Waste Reduction and Conservation Efforts

Manhattan Bread & Bagel is a café and bakery that makes gourmet bagels, crafts artisan breads, and offers wonderful food for any occasion.

Read about Choice Lunch | Healthy School Lunch Delivery

Choice Lunch, a school lunch delivery service, is dedicated to providing school-age children with healthy, sustainable and delicious meals. Meals are ordered and paid for by parents and delivered to the child’s school just in time for lunch.

An image of Choice Lunch trucks.
Read about Stanford's Restaurant | Sustainable Dining in the Bay Area

Stanford’s Restaurant, located in downtown Walnut Creek, has challenged themselves to be a community leader and provide other restaurants with a sustainable business model by showing a commitment to both helping the environment and remaining

Read about Blue Star Refreshments | Edible and Sustainable

Blue Star Refreshments is an office refreshment service provider located in Silicon Valley that has made the commitment to go green.

Pastries arranged on platters.
Read about Savory & Sweet Catering | Catering to a Sustainable Crowd

In this caterer’s kitchen, creating a feast doesn’t have to be environmentally messy. Savory & Sweet’s President, Leanne Pomellitto, has been working to make her company ‘green’ while also helping clients become more environmentally- friendly.

Read about Dos Coyotes Border Cafe | Mexican Food Verde

Dos Coyotes Border Café took steps to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at two locations in Davis, making Dos Coyotes an even more popular place to eat. Owner Bobby Coyote decided to help the environment by changing the way he runs his businesses.

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