Serving the Community, Catering to the Planet

Global Gourmet is Northern California’s first certified full-service catering company under the San Francisco Green Business Program. In addition to offering seasonal, sustainably farmed organic cuisine sourced primarily from the Bay Area, Global Gourmet incorporates environmentally friendly practices in their day- to-day operations. Their environmental policy details specific procedures in areas of employee education, employee transportation, waste reduction, energy conservation, office use, lighting, recycling, pollution prevention, and refrigeration. Global Gourmet recycles and composts in their kitchen, office, and at every event in which they are involved, purchases environmentally friendly products, and donates leftover vegetable oil to be repurposed into biodiesel.

Global Gourmet has retrofitted their facility with Eco-Smart Lights™, upgraded their refrigerator/ freezer for maximum efficiency, and fitted their water fixtures with low-flow aerators or replaced them with current water conservation models.

In response to California’s drought and other global climate change issues, they have launched a new Drought Watch Program that includes creating drought-friendly menus, helping to fund carbon offset and water restoration projects, and further educating their team and clients regarding water issues and consumption.

The Global Gourmet Drought Watch Consumer Guide™ was designed to show which foods use very little water, which use a small to medium amount of water, which use a medium to large amount of water and the “Thirsty Thirty” which should be avoided as much as possible.

Analyzing water usage and impact in menus and operations, the catering company developed drought balanced dishes to recognize greater water saving practices at their facility. All Global Gourmet catering events are now designed as water restoration and carbon balanced programs, a first in the United States for a catering and  event company. In partnership with TerraPass,

Global Gourmet has committed to contributing  a percentage from every meal they cater to help fund water restoration and carbon offset projects. The company has shared their experience and knowledge with other businesses and organizations at conferences, trade shows and corporate business events including CaterSource, Green Council, GMINC, Women in Event Industry Council, and the International Special Events Society.

“We believe that ecological and social responsibility is important to our community. We are proud to be industry leaders in this continuing effort to support our local community and preserve our natural resources.” - Frederick Gaudette, Production Manager/Green Business Specialist

Global Gourmet Catering & Events
1030 Illinois Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Global Gourmet provides full-service catering, event planning, and beverage service within the San Francisco area.

Green Practices:

  • All disposable plates, utensils, napkins, and cups used at events and by staff are 100%  compostable
  • They donate used vegetable oil to SF Greasecycle where it is turned into biodiesel
  • They contribute a percentage from every meal catered to fund carbon offsets and water restoration projects
  • Two-sided printing and copying is standard practice

Social Responsibility:

  • In 2015 they began a partnership with Copia to help develop their process to increase the effectiveness of post-event food donation
  • To date, Global Gourmet Catering has contributed over 9,000 meals to local kitchens through this partnership