Mexican Food Verde

Dos Coyotes Border Café took steps to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at two locations in Davis, making Dos Coyotes an even more popular place to eat. Owner Bobby Coyote decided to help the environment by changing the way he runs his businesses.

To save money and achieve greenhouse gas reductions, Dos Coyotes implemented the use of formaldehyde free building products, installed high efficiency HVAC systems, installed AC economizers and recycled paint instead of throwing it away. They use compostable dinnerware in the restaraunt to reduce waste.

Dos Coyotes changed out all the lights in their restaurants and purchased energy efficient equipment. They installed low flow toilets to conserve water. Dos Coyotes uses a scraper instead of a sprayer whenever possible to clean equipment, which saves money and water. When the restaurant is not very busy, they turn off half the char broiler to save energy. Dos Coyotes created a biking incentive for employees and guests alike to reduce transportation emissions.

Dos Coyotes Border Café is a tasty eatery where their actions are as green as the salsa verde!

"We’re always striving to do better and buy energy efficient appliances.” - Bobby Coyote, Owner of Davis Dos Coyotes Border Cafés

Dos Coyotes Border Cafe
1411 W. Covell Boulevard
Davis, CA 95616

A Mexican restaurant that reduced greenhouse gas emissions by replacing old equipment with newer, more energy efficient appliances

Actions to Cut Waste & Save Energy

  • Installed a high efficiency HVAC system in restaurants
  • Non-disposable dishes used in-house
  • Installed AC economizers
  • Purchases energy efficient equipment
  • Implemented a biking incentive for employees and customers
  • Recycles excess paint
  • Turns off equipment when not in use
  • Uses formaldehyde-free building products

Cost to Renovate

  • $ 5,000

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