Gaumenkitzel Restaurant

Berkeley-based Gaumenkitzel Restaurant has long been praised for its organic and slow-cooked German cuisine, but the restaurant also is proving to be exceptional in its green business practices. The restaurant is carefully focusing on different areas - energy, waste, water conservation and transportation - to reduce its carbon footprint. To decrease energy consumption, Gaumenkitzel has installed solar panels, purchases wind power generated electricity, uses 70% LED lighting, and refrains from using energy intensive equipment such as freezers or deep fryers. The owners purchased a 15,000-kilowatt photovoltaic system for $40,000 for the restaurant and already are saving more than $400 per month.  They save $30 per month by using an ultra-high efficient water heater and $10 per month by using water-saving faucets. These actions alone conserve up to 1,500 gallons of water per month.  All of Gaumenkitzel’s food waste is collected in green compost bins, all organic produce is delivered in recyclable boxes, and plastic, glass and paper are separated and recycled. In addition to internal green business practices, the owners also bike to work every day and rely solely on this mode of transportation to run errands throughout the day. The commitment shown by this business has been recognized by local media, such as the TV show “Check Please Bay Area,” which discussed Gaumenkitzel’s role as a Certified Bay Area Green Business and the environmentally-conscious approaches the business took to achieve that certification.  This recognition, dedication and distinct approach to addressing food waste is making Gaumenkitzel Restaurant a leader in its industry.

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