Global Gourmet Catering

Global Gourmet was Northern California’s first San Francisco Green Business certified full-service catering company. In addition to offering seasonal, sustainably farmed organic cuisine sourced primarily from the Bay Area, Global Gourmet also incorporates environmentally friendly practices in their day-to-day operations. They recycle and compost in their kitchen, office, and at every event in which they are involved, purchase environmentally friendly products, and donate leftover vegetables to be repurposed into biodiesel. Their facility has been retrofitted with Eco-Smart Lights, their refrigerator/freezer entries have been upgraded for maximum efficiency, and water fixtures have been fitted with low-flow aerators or replaced with current water conservation models. In response to California’s drought and other global climate change issues, they have launched a new Drought Watch Program that includes creating drought-friendly menus, helping to fund carbon offset and water restoration projects, and further educating their team and clients regarding water issues and consumption. As of September 2015, all Global Gourmet catering events are designed as water restoration and carbon balanced programs, a first in the United States for a catering and event company.

San Francisco
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