Healthy School Lunch Delivery

Choice Lunch, a school lunch delivery service, is dedicated to providing school-age children with healthy, sustainable and delicious meals. Meals are ordered and paid for by parents and delivered to the child’s school just in time for lunch. Choice Lunch also seeks to educate parents and kids on healthy eating options and encourages a nutritionally balanced diet. Choice Lunch is committed to sustainable practices. All food containers and lunch bags are compostable to help reduce unnecessary trash sent to the landfill. Compostable utensils are also included and are manufactured from potatoes, providing kids with a sturdy yet environmentally-friendly dining experience. All fruits and vegetables used in the lunches are locally sourced, giving kids with the freshest food possible and reducing the number of miles the produce must travel. Reduced food travel miles equal an overall reduced carbon footprint for Choice Lunch. Through their sustainable practices and their education and outreach efforts to parents and kids, Choice Lunch strives to make a difference in the community, one lunch at a time.

An image of Choice Lunch trucks.
Choice Lunch
2000 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 130
San Ramon, CA 94583