Combining a Passion for the Environment with Holistic Dental Health Services

Dental Healing offers services such as dental exams, complete dental health assessments, dental cleaning, zoom teeth whitening, safe mercury amalgam removal, laser cavity filling, dental implants and bridges, very low radiation and highly advanced x-rays. As a family dental practice that combines a passion for the environment with holistic dental health services, Dental Healing recently transformed a 2,500 square foot space into a healthy and earth conscious office.

To improve energy efficiency and save on energy costs, they installed new HVAC ducting, R-13 insulation, a highly efficient on-demand air compressor for dental equipment, and an ENERGY STAR exhaust fan. To conserve water, they installed WaterSense® certified plumbing fixtures, and purchased a waterless vacuum and a solenoid water valve. The green renovations are projected to have 35% - 40% cost savings compared to a similar sized office. An average return on investment is estimated at 20% - 50% with a payback period of 2 to 5 years.

The office also incorporates sustainability in  its design and operations. The office uses daylighting and LEDs, eco-friendly materials in all of the flooring, re-purposed furniture, and LEED compliant office cabinets. To reduce paper waste, they purchase the highest possible recycled content in all paper needs and have a paperless filing system. They recycle all paper, glass, metal, cardboard, and plastics, and they safely dispose of e-waste. The building management has been so impressed by Dental Healing’s efforts that they are showcasing their office to entice potential tenants and other businesses into the building.

All of Dental Healing’s sustainable initiatives are described in a Green Team Plan where staff members are assigned and held accountable for the implementation of each initiative. One initiative in the plan encourages employees to use Metro public transportation and carpools to reduce their carbon footprint. Other initiatives include proper maintenance checks for equipment and energy saving procedures to follow when opening/closing the office.

Dental Healing keeps an active blog and spreads awareness about environmental sustainability via various social media platforms. Topics have included: Dental Healing’s Guide to Staying Green in Los Angeles; Health Benefits of Eating Organic; and Simple Ways to Go Green. They also speak at industry events to show what they have accomplished in hopes to inspire action in other businesses. Dental Healing’s holistic dentistry prioritizes health, efficiency, and conservation.

“We want other small businesses to know that it is absolutely possible to increase revenues and be aesthetically appealing to clients/employees/guests while doing right by Planet Earth,” - Chester Yokoyama, Dentist, Dental Healing

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Dental Healing
1127 Wilshire Boulevard #908
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Dental Healing is a family dentistry that offers a variety of health services.

Sustainable Office Features:

  • Brand new HVAC ducting
  • Zero VOC paints, mill work, adhesives, chalks, glues, and sealants
  • ENERGY STAR certified equipment
  • WaterSense® certified plumbing fixtures
  • Highly efficient on-demand air compressor
  • Waterless vacuum and solenoid water valve
  • Eco-friendly materials used including Marlite® titles and bamboo and linoleum flooring
  • Use of re-purposed furniture and LEED compliant office cabinets
  • Digital filing system (paperless)
  • Green Seal™ certified cleaning supplies

Cost Savings:

  • The green renovations are projected to save 35% - 40% in costs compared to a similar sized office
  • An average return on investment is estimated at 20% - 50% with a payback period between 2 and 5 years