Generating a New Model for Fitness Facilities

Elevated Fitness is a high altitude, human-powered fitness facility focusing on dynamic, scientific workouts based on solid, proven research. Elevated Fitness is America’s only truly carbon-neutral gym, producing more power than they use. The company purchased an electric vehicle (2 person electric SMART car) for both owners to commute to and from the gym and for all in-town gym errands and marketing events. The vehicle is charged by converting human energy produced in gym generators on spin bikes to electricity. The power output of the group spin class is currently three megawatts per class!

Elevated Fitness recently made office renovations, including replacing all fluorescent light bulbs with direct-connect LED T8 bulbs, installing light timers in bathrooms and a water bottle filling station, eliminating the use of paper towels, and using ENERGY STAR appliances and computers. Elevated Fitness has also eliminated excess paper usage by hosting all documents on a cloud, including tanning forms. All contracts are electronically confirmed, signed, and hosted. To reduce water usage, Elevated Fitness installed auto-off, water saver faucets, and a waterless urinal. They also installed the lowest flow toilets available on market with 2 flush settings to further reduce water usage for non-solids flush. The paper towels previously used in bathrooms and on the gym floor have been replaced with towels and rags that are washed regularly.

The floor of the facility is made from recycled rubber tires and the main pieces of gym equipment were made from recycled steel. Low-volatile organic compound (VOC) paint and recycled materials were used throughout the remodeling process. Because there is no electric-powered equipment in the gym (e.g., elliptical machines, treadmills, etc.), Elevated Fitness is able to keep its energy use and carbon footprint low. They encourage members to walk or jog to the gym to reduce fuel usage and have integrated carbon-free transportation into their membership perks program. Their mission statement contains the policies of “Be a Good Egg” and “Leave it Better Than You Found It.”

Elevated Fitness has seen an increase in cost savings as a result of their sustainable actions. Using human energy in the gym to charge their electric vehicle has reduced fuel usage by approximately $100 per month. They have seen a monthly savings of $12-15 from additional water use-reduction measures, along with $15 each month from eliminating paper towel usage and reducing  toilet paper usage.

Elevated Fitness was featured by the South Lake Tahoe News and Tahoe Tribune as one of the area’s only truly carbon-neutral businesses. The gym was awarded the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award for Best Green Business. In addition, Elevated Fitness features many green tips for members to reduce their carbon footprint every day, regularly posting helpful links on Facebook and Twitter for household carbon reduction.

“Our members love it. Every time they come in and take a class, they’ve actually reduced their carbon footprint. Not only is our carbon footprint low, so is theirs, and they take that message back home.” - Bridget McGrath, Elevated Fitness :)

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Elevated Fitness
4000 Tahoe Blvd, #8
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Elevated Fitness is a high altitude, human-powered fitness facility focusing on dynamic, scientific workouts through safe, progressive programming.

Green Actions:

  • Gym floor is made from recycled rubber tires
  • Main pieces of gym equipment were made from recycled steel
  • Waterless urinal
  • Low flow toilets in their restrooms
  • Electric vehicle is powered by human energy and spin bikes
  • Appliances and computers are ENERGY STAR rated

Office Renovations:

  • Replaced all fluorescent light bulbs with direct-connect LED T8 bulbs
  • Installed a water bottle filling station
  • Installed a floor made from recycled tires
  • Used low VOC paint and recycled materials throughout the remodeling process :)