The Style of a Green Business

Nori’s Eco Salon is the first hair salon to be certified by the City of Los Angeles as a green business because of their use of sustainable building materials, commitment to recycling, lowered energy consumption, use of non-toxic products, and reduced carbon footprint.  This full service salon is dedicated to green living and promoting wellness for their clients and the planet by creating a toxic-free environment.

When the salon was remodeled, owner Roya Adjory took a sustainability course from Santa Monica College to ensure that Nori’s Eco Salon would be redesigned to have the least impact on the planet’s already fragile resources. Acting upon the lessons and strategies learned, no volatile organic compound (VOC) containing paint was used on the walls and recycled denim was used as insulation. The salon has recycled cans, plastics and paper for the last decade. They make an effort to avoid using heavily packaged products and recycle or reuse all materials within the salon. They have purchased an ENERGY STAR water heater and low-flow toilet, with a sign in the bathroom encouraging water conservation. To improve air flow in the salon, the facility’s second door is frequently used for cross ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning.

The owners of the salon were able to eliminate weekly water delivery by switching to filtered water. Instead of paper cups, water and tea is served in glass and ceramic cups, eliminating the cost of paper goods. Their electrical bill is low due to the ENERGY STAR water heater, efficient heating and air conditioning unit, compact florescent lighting, and energy efficient blow dryers. The cost savings associated with these sustainable actions have been tremendous and, as a result, Nori’s Eco Salon is a debt free business.

The salon also prepares and distributes a monthly newsletter to their clients that provides information on current personal care products, policies, green practices, and relevant ideas to encourage the public to become more sustainable by making better choices for themselves and the planet. Nori’s Eco Salon occasionally hosts a Green Drinks event that encourages networking and information sharing among local green businesses. The green efforts of the salon have garnered the attention of numerous media media outlets, as the business was featured in LA Yoga Magazine, LA Weekly, Modern Salon, KTLA-TV, KNBC-TV, KPFK radio, and the Lazy Environmentalist Show on the Sundance Channel.

“The clients that we serve feel safe that they are not breathing in harmful chemicals, and become green oriented as well.” - Roya Adjory, Owner, Nori’s Eco Salon

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Nori's Eco Salon
15826 Ventura Blvd, Suite 224
Encino, CA 91436

Provides hair salon services, hair colors, cuts, styles, make up using only nontoxic, biodegradable products from companies that have shown commitment to the environment while implementing green practices.

Green Practices:

  • Insulated the walls with recycled denim jeans and used no VOC paint
  • Recycle cans, plastics, and paper
  • Uses nontoxic cleaning products
  • Use ceramic cups for tea, coffee and water
  • Educate their customers on sustainable practices

Office Renovations:

  • Installed ENERGY STAR water heater and low flow toilet