Promoting Sustainable Tourism for Over 10 Years

Incredible Adventures offers small group biofuel tours from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park, Muir Woods and Wine Country as well as sightseeing and adventure tours throughout the US. They are an eco-friendly outdoor travel company that provides travelers a safe and reliable way to connect with nature.

Since 2002, their passenger mini-coaches have run on petroleum alternatives like biodiesel and renewable diesel, a cleaner burning and locally produced fuel made from recycled cooking oil. This accomplishment is something they pride themselves in and advertise on their website, buses, and in marketing materials. They currently operate on RB20 fuel: a blend of 20% pure domestic BioDiesel and 80% HDR Renewable Diesel. This is the highest legally-allowed BioDiesel blend in California at this time, and a completely renewable and petroleum-free fuel. They also own Dogpatch Biofuel Station, San Francisco's only public 100% petroleum-free fueling station. The accessibility gives small businesses and the city an option for alternative fuel resources.

Incredible Adventures moved to a new office in 2014 and took actions through 2015 to lower their carbon footprint from their business operations. They replaced outdated T12 lights with T8s, installed low-flow plumbing fixtures in their restrooms, enabled shutdown settings on their computers and heating/cooling systems, and purchased ENERGY STAR laptops and monitors.

Incredible Adventures adopted a Green Purchasing Policy for food and supplies. Staff is encouraged to buy recycled materials and limit the use of plastic and other non recycled material. In cooperation with the National Park Service’s initiative, they do not purchase plastic water bottles, but encourage guests to bring reusable vessels to fill to stay hydrated.

The company is a part of and works with several environmental groups including the San Francisco Green Business Program, Reverb, California Biodiesel Association, Planeterra Foundation and Adventure Travel Trade Association. Incredible Adventure’s attracts over 350 visitors each week from all over the world. Guides explain the use of biofuel in their fleet, water reducing techniques and the company’s zero- waste practices. The company’s influence on their guests makes an overall global impact. At Incredible Adventures, they focus on protecting and maintaining wild lands and parks that they visit. They believe that sustainable tourism can be a strong factor to keep these magnificent natural areas thriving for future generations to enjoy.

“The benefits we witness permeate far beyond our office walls. Integrating eco-friendly values in our company culture encourages employees to continue simple practices in their lives outside of the office like recycling, composting, and reducing electricity use.” - Melanie Schaffel, Integrated Marketing Specialist.

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Incredible Adventures
2095 Jerrold St., Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94124

Incredible Adventures is an eco-friendly outdoor travel company that specializes in small group sightseeing and adventure tours.

Sustainable Features:

  • ENERGY STAR and EPEAT for all office equipment and appliances including laptops and monitors
  • Replaced T12 light bulbs with T8s and energy efficient electronic ballasts instead of low efficiency magnetic ballasts
  • Upgraded low-flow plumbing fixtures in restrooms and kitchen area

Green Practices:

  • Adopted Environmentalist Preferable Purchasing Policy for office supplies and vendors
  • Reduced the use of paper and printing by taking digital meeting notes, reminders on dry-erase boards and cloud- based apps for document sharing and calendaring
  • Print brochures and business cards on post- consumer waste recycled paper with soy ink
  • Recycle and refill used printer cartridges
  • Post signs reminding people to turn off lights and reduce water usage
  • Provide commuter benefits for employees who bike to working and use alternative transportation
  • Share sustainable business practices on blog and social media
  • Spare the Air program participants