Getting Stockton to Zero Emissions

The Getting Stockton to Zero Emissions: Clean Air for Our Community pilot project will help Stockton Unified School District pursue its goal of becoming California’s first zero-emission school district. Through this effort, the Center for Transportation and the Environment and SUSD will develop a Master Plan for the entire school district while deploying pilot vehicles on a small scale for testing. The results of these small-scale pilots will inform future adjustments to the district’s Master Plan which will be implemented in phases with the goal of fully transitioning the District to zero-emission technologies in the most effective way possible. The project will provide significant positive community health impacts and dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels while providing opportunities to communicate these results to the community and the District’s students.

Project Highlights

  • Leveraged funds with California Energy Commission and local air district for additional zero-emission school buses 
  • Second largest zero-emission school bus fleet in California  
  • Coordinates with Stockton AB 617 Committee on joint projects 
  • Student-led energy education campaign 
  • Developing a zero-net energy long-term plan 

Services, Vehicles & Equipment Funded

  • 8 Blue Bird battery electric school buses
  • 4 Micro Bird battery electric school buses
  • 20 BTC AC (level 2) chargers
  • 4 ABB DC fast (level 3) chargers
  • 8 John Deer gators for maintenance crew
  • 3 Mean Green ride-on lawn mowers

Estimated Quantifiable Benefits

  • GHG emission reductions: 2,977 MTCO2e
  • Diesel PM reductions: 37 lbs
  • NOx reductions: 16,411 lbs
  • PM2.5 reductions: 739 lbs
  • ROG reductions: 752 lbs
  • Fossil fuel-based transportation fuel use reductions: 65,172 gallons 
  • Direct jobs: 19
  • Indirect jobs: 7
  • Induced jobs: 17

Community Details

SUSD, the 15th largest public school district in California, serves over 41,000 students in 55 schools throughout the city of Stockton, California. Of the students enrolled with SUSD, 82% are considered to be socioeconomically disadvantaged (California Department of Education). One in six children in the San Joaquin Valley have asthma. Approximately 3.5% of SUSD students travel to and from school on diesel fueled school buses. 46 of SUSD’s 55 schools are located within disadvantaged community boundaries. In 2019, Stockton was added to CARB’s Community Air Protection Program.

More information on Stockton's project and the Clean Mobility in Schools program.

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