Success Stories

Read about Stockton Unified School District | Getting Stockton to Zero Emissions

The Getting Stockton to Zero Emissions: Clean Air for Our Community pilot project will help Stockton Unified School District pursue its goal of becoming California’s first zero-emission school district.

Read about El Monte Union High School District | Electric School Buses in El Monte

Thanks to $9.8 million from California Climate Investments, El Monte Union High School District will be able to implement their Clean Mobility in Schools project, one of three projects awarded to school districts across California in 2020. These funds will help El Monte Union High School District purchase battery electric school buses and charging infrastructure, energy storage infrastructure, develop an active transportation plan, and much more, across six high schools and one bus garage.

Read about Santa Barbara Airbus | Moving People Towards Greener Transportation and Sustainable Business Operations

Santa Barbara (SB) Airbus is a transportation company that has implemented model green business measures in all areas of their operations. They use a water-conserving electric Eco-Power Brush and biodegradable soap when cleaning buses.

Read about Chavez Trucking | Cleaner Trucking

Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, Chavez Trucking, replaced old, heavy diesel trucks with new ones to reduce their carbon footprint and increase fuel efficiency.

Image of a white semi truck with Chavez Truck on the side.
Read about Advanced Transit Dynamics | Transportation Designed & Delivered

For Advanced Transit Dynamics (ATDynamics), helping trucking companies cut fuel costs is how it gives back to Mother Nature.