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For Advanced Transit Dynamics (ATDynamics), helping trucking companies cut fuel costs is how it gives back to Mother Nature. A small business dedicated to developing the best-in-class technology for the freight transportation industry, ATDynamics works with carriers throughout North America to reduce their carbon footprint. One way it has accomplished this is through its flagship product, the TrailerTail®. In 2010, more than 480 of these devices were installed on the back of tractor-trailers, saving more than 36,000 gallons of diesel.

As a result, these proactive changes have allowed trucking fleets to reduce their vehicle emissions and fuel costs by more than 12 percent. By 2015, next-generation technologies can improve the freight efficiency of tractor-trailers by more than 50 percent.

What Actions Does ATDynamics Take to Reduce GHG emissions?

The most substantial way ATDynamics reduces greenhouse gas emissions is with its flagship product, the TrailerTail®.

Every day, the TrailerTail® saves more than four thousand gallons of diesel fuel from being burned. This number is growing exponentially, with over 20 new TrailerTails® on the road every day. The TrailerTail® and the ATDynamics Transtex Skirt®, another of ATDynamics aerodynamic trailerproducts, have reduced an estimated 1.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide in 2010.

What Actions Does ATDynamics Take to Recycle Materials?

ATDynamics strives to build their products with recyclable materials and also offers a customer incentive program to reuse and recycle company products at the end of their useful life. They reuse packaging materials to minimize waste and recycle all cardboard, packaging and containers in the office.

What Actions Does ATDynamics Take to Conserve Resources?

The majority of its appliances are ENERGY STAR compliant and the company purchases pre-owned equipment to reduce waste. Most office furniture is either made from scrap wood or prototype materials or is bought second hand. In addition, all company documentation and communication (e-mails, invoicing, purchase orders, etc.) are made electronically to reduce paper waste.


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Advanced Transit Dynamics
3150 Corporate Place
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Designs and delivers fuel-saving aerodynamics technology for the freight transportation industry, including its best-in-class TrailerTail®.

Climate Actions

  • Saves diesel fuel from being burned through its flagship product, the TrailerTail®
  • Builds products with recyclable materials
  • Reuses packaging materials to minimize waste
  • Recycles scrap production and material, including cardboard, packaging, containers and stainless steel and wood
  • Uses ENERGY STAR® appliances to conserve energy
  • Promotes aerodynamics and fuel savings by attending tradeshows throughout the country
  • Awards incentives to employees who reach certain goals in reducing GHG emissions
  • Provides environmental decals that promote fuel savings and carbon reduction on TrailerTail®

Estimated Yearly Savings

ATDynamics TrailerTail® will reduce an estimated 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in 2011 (over 450,000 gallons of diesel)

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