This clean-tech company designs and delivers fuel-saving aerodynamics technology for the freight and transportation industry. After collaboration with a team from the Presidio School of Management to minimize the environmental impact of their operations, the company took several actions. As a result, they build products from recycled materials; recycle their scrap materials; offer customers an incentive program to reuse and recycle products at the end of useful life; use electronic systems for communications, invoices and purchase orders; support telecommuting and their employees’ use of alternative transportation; buy their furniture from scrapwood, prototype materials or from second-hand stores; and, use energy-saving laptops. Using the calculator, the company estimated a reduction of nearly 20 tons of CO2 emissions annually from their green operations. In addition, they’ve calculated that the commercial use of their TrailerTail product has reduced 2,200 metric tons of CO2 with a total annual savings of $200,000 in diesel in 2010.

San Francisco