Electric School Buses in El Monte

Thanks to $9.8 million from California Climate Investments, El Monte Union High School District will be able to implement their Clean Mobility in Schools project, one of three projects awarded to school districts across California in 2020. These funds will help El Monte Union High School District purchase battery electric school buses and charging infrastructure, energy storage infrastructure, develop an active transportation plan, and much more, across six high schools and one bus garage.

El Monte Union High School District lies in the heart of San Gabriel Valley, one of the state’s most pollution-burdened communities. The Clean Mobility in Schools Pilot Project offers this community an opportunity to create meaningful spaces that inspire future generations, achieve air quality improvement goals, and be a part of the solutions to the climate crisis.

“This pilot project addresses the need to do more — beyond cleaning up school buses — to reduce exposure to harmful air pollution by children and others in and around schools. These projects will set up the schools to address climate change, reduce air pollution, and lead the next generation in learning about, and using, clean mobility options,” said California Air Resources Board Executive Officer Richard Corey.

Several community partners support the implementation of this project, . including developing a pilot curriculum for students and creating active transportation plans for each of the high schools and the adult education center. The curriculum development will provide hands-on instruction with the new technologies and a pathway to envision new, creative ways to apply the zero-emission technologies. Additionally, the project also supports a Clean Energy Fellowship through the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps.

"For years our communities in the El Monte Union High School District have been burdened by environmental concerns. The Clean Mobility in Schools project allows our school district to not only address poor air quality by replacing diesel and [clean natural gas] buses in our fleet with electric buses but in the long-term, it will also help address climate change,” said El Monte Union High School District Board of Trustees President Mr. Florencio Briones.

El Monte Union High School District’s (EMUHSD) Clean Mobility in Schools Pilot Project, partnered with two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Lalo Alcaraz and his team at Pocho Villa Productions to create an animated short. The animation features the voices of students and administrators from EMUHSD and focuses on green mobility options and benefits to encourage the greater El Monte Union community to start a conversation about clean transportation. 

El Monte Union High School District