Balancing Development and the Environment

As an environmental consulting firm, Sapphos Environmental, Inc. has adopted a “walk the talk” philosophy. They have undertaken efforts to implement practical and measurable green building design, construction, operation, and maintenance practices recognized by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program of the U.S. Green Building Council. The firm’s new office building in Pasadena, California serves as a model of sustainable design and has inspired visitors to incorporate green building principles into their own projects.
Sapphos Environmental, Inc. strives to be a leader in environmental policy by setting high goals. These policies are reflected in the firm’s efforts to reduce carbon footprints through selection of the office location, choosing low-flow water fixtures, reusing existing structural materials for building reconstruction, and installing ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances and timed light fixtures to enhance energy efficiency.

Early in the design of its own office building, Sapphos Environmental, Inc. decided to make water efficiency their priority. Throughout the design phase of the project, Sapphos Environmental, Inc. sought to identify low-flow or water-free fixtures that would greatly reduce the use of potable water.

How does Sapphos Environmental, Inc. raise awareness about sustainability and climate change?

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. enjoys educating the public about greenhouse gas emissions and methods to reduce carbon footprints. The company takes prospective employees, clients, and vendors on tours of the building, highlighting the firm’s efforts and commitment to “walk the talk” about sustainability and to inspire them to do the same in their respective living and working spaces.

What incentives does Sapphos Environmental, Inc. provide for their employees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Sapphos Environmental, Inc., as a whole, is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. In an effort to encourage employees to reduce their individual carbon footprint, the firm has established a public transportation reimbursement policy, where employees are reimbursed up to $65 per month to use public transportation. Sapphos Environmental is located one block from public transportation and employees are encouraged to use bicycles to commute to and from work. They provide shower facilities to allow commuters to shower and change for work.

Other awards/recognitions:

  • Minority Green Environmental Green Firm of the Year 2012 from the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office and the Business Center of Los Angeles.
  • CoolCalifornia Climate Action Leader two years in a row.
  • Member of the California Climate Action Registry.


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Sapphos Environmental, Inc.
430 N. Halstead Street
Pasadena, CA 91107

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is a full-service environmental consulting firm founded in 1992 that specializes in resource management, environmental compliance, and planning. Sapphos Environmental installed solar panels on both sides of their building and used porous concrete on 72 percent of the outside perimeter.

Energy Efficiency Renovations:

  • Installed ultra low-flow flush toilets in all restrooms to reduce the use of potable water by 62 percent due to an efficient bowl design that uses less water.
  • Contracted with an environmentally conscious construction company, with an annual recycling rate of 82.5 percent.
  • Installed a bright white cool roof coating with an 85 to 88 percent solar reflectivity.
  • Installed solar and photovoltaic panels on the building’s roof and expect to become cost neutral in 18 years.
  • Used porous concrete in 72 percent of their surrounding landscape which reduces rain and water run-off.

Greenhouse Gas Savings:

Over the next 18 year period, they will reduce approximately 763 metric tons of carbon dioxide, 0.032 metric tons of methane, and 0.007 metric ton of nitrous oxide from being released into the atmosphere.