Green, Clean and Quiet Lawn Care

Fresh Air Yard Care endeavors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing yard care maintenance using only hand powered, electric and propane equipment. Fresh Air Yard Care uses brooms, rakes and push sweepers instead of gas-powered-blowers to clean walk ways and patios. They also use both both reel mowers and electric mowers that mulch clippings and organic matter.

By eliminating gasoline engines, Fresh Air Yard Care significantly reduces the amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, methane, and carbon dioxide released into the air. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans use more than 800 million gallons of gasoline every year to mow lawns.

Fresh Air Yard Care’s practices and equipment reduce fossil fuel use, noise pollution, and water pollution. The goal of Fresh Air Yard Care is to provide the customer with a healthy, attractive yard and, at the same time, reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Fresh Air Yard Care is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while providing excellent lawn and yard care service.

Fresh Air Yard Care
Sacramento, CA 95822

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