Protecting the Environment from the Ground Up

Recon Recycling, LLC is located in the Barrio Logan community of San Diego. Recon Recycling provides waste diversion and customized recycling programs for multi-family households, offices, restaurants and bars, retail properties, and events throughout San Diego County. Recon shares their green tactics by offering environmental consulting to companies interested in practicing sustainable business methods.

Recon’s electricity bill has consistently amounted to about $100 per month for the last five years because of their limited energy use. On average, buildings of the same size typically spend around $530 each month on electricity (Source: Energy Information Administration, 2007).

Recon practices the same environmentally friendly procedures that they teach their clients, taking significant steps to reduce energy use, reduce landfill waste, and promote a greener-than-usual business. Their green habits helped them win the CalRecycle WRAP Award three years in a row and a certificate of recognition from California Senator Juan Vargas. Recon Recycling is a winner of the 2012 CoolCalifornia Business of the Year Award and received Honorable Mention in 2011.

What Does Recon Recycling Do To Be a Leader of Change?

In 2011, Recon Recycling launched an international program in Dakar, Senegal to assist with the management of the recycling process. During the visit Recon president Richard McCaskill surveyed the area to assess the recycling situation and streamline the recycling efforts. He identified multiple collection hubs throughout the region and secured buyers from pre-established counterparts. Mr. McCaskill met with the Senegalese government to discuss future recycling tactics. He opened an office, Recon Recycling Senegal, to continue research for collection hubs and employed one Senegalese citizen. Future plans include the development of a material recovery facility that would purchase recyclable materials from the public.

RECONnect Festival is a promotional festival and partnership between the Unified Port District of San Diego and Recon Recycling. The event hosts live music, recycled art, and sustainable information and vendors. The festival benefits The REBOOT Workshop and San Diego Youth Services.

What Actions Does Recon Recyling Take to Save Energy?

The warehouse where they are located is equipped with skylights in the ceiling so that employees can utilize natural sunlight and limit use of electricity. Whenever natural light is unavailable, employees use energy efficient light bulbs and only turn on the lights in occupied rooms. Power tools are used only when absolutely necessary, and major equipment in the facility runs on natural gas.

What Actions Does Recon Recycling Take to Reduce Waste?

Multiple recycling stations are provided throughout the facility and at each individual desk. All business materials are printed on recycled paper and employees and clients are encouraged to maintain correspondence electronically. Recon processes recyclables manually, which is more efficient than a machine because people can easily adjust to any situation, helps to keep the cost of electricity down, and puts more people to work. Recon also teaches employees to look for green supplies whenever they make a purchase.


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Recon Recycling, LLC
1531 Rigel Street
San Diego, CA 92113

A fully integrated recycling operation offering buyback, collection and roll-off rental service. Recon Recycling is a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise.

Climate Friendly Actions

  • Reviews travel routes to minimize miles and time spent on the road
  • Utilizes natural light and energy efficient bulbs
  • Manually separates incoming commodities to minimize use of electric power tools
  • Major equipment runs on natural gas, the cleanest of the fossil-fuels, and costs about half as much
  • Uses green cleaning supplies
  • Prints business materials on recycled content paper
  • Encourages the use of e-mail billing and correspondence with clients

Estimated Yearly Savings from Climate Actions

  • $10,000 on fuel and electricity
  • 12-15 metric tons of greenhouse gases