Green Office with a Green Purpose

Citadel Environmental, an eco-friendly health and safety firm, is green inside and out. Not only is a sustainable lifestyle promoted, but its environmentally friendly office spaces feature innovative ecological design solutions that reduce operating costs, energy use, water consumption, and it’s carbon footprint. Citadel’s office building has been fully remodeled into a first-class, sustainable office with the goal of achieving a LEED® Platinum rating, as well as becoming the first privately held LEED® certified building in Glendale.

In addition to benefiting the environment, the unique office building increases employee productivity and well-being. Its vast natural lighting and bright, open workspaces promote a healthy work environment as well as minimize electricity use, which helps cut business costs. To top it off, Citadel Environmental has installed rooftop solar panels to power its office workspaces, thereby creating a truly energy efficient work environment.

What actions does Citadel Environmental take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation?

Citadel Environmental accomodates and encourages employees to drive low-emitting vehicles by creating designated preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles. For those who choose to commute via public transit, Citadel Envrionmental is conveniently located on two bus routes with eight stops within a .25 mile radius.

What actions does Citadel Environmental take to conserve energy?

To conserve electricity during the day, Citadel’s eight 4’ x 4’ skylights serve as a primary light source. The open floor plan utilizes glass for a bright, pleasant work environment while using minimal electricity, and all furniture is Green Seal certified. This new energy-efficient lighting design requires 38.5 percent less power. All of Citadel Environmental’s double-paneled windows are energy efficient, and the building boasts a low-emissivity cool roof.

The Citadel Environmental building also has 120 solar panels on their roof, providing them with 45,000 kWh per year. This not only powers the entire building, but the solar panels produce enough electricity to net meter an additional 16 percent back to the city of Glendale.

What actions does Citadel Environmental take to conserve resources?

Citadel Environmental installed water-efficient interior plumbing and bathroom fixtures, which reduce water usage by 62 percent. In addition, Citadel Environmental had focused on creating low maintenance landscaping that also looks beautiful. The garden is not only aesthetically pleasing, but the native, drought-tolerant landscape uses a temporary drip irrigation system to save water.


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Citadel Environmental Services Inc.
1725 Victory Boulevard
Glendale, CA 91201

An environmental health and safety firm that serves clients in a wide variety of industries nation-wide. Citadel Environmental’s office uses minimal electricity, which is powered by 120 rooftop solar panels.

Climate Actions

  • Installed low emissions (VOC) flooring systems
  • Uses Green Seal certified furniture systems
  • Installed Energy Star® appliances
  • Created designated preferred parking for fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Skylights serve as primary light source
  • Installed 120 solar panels on roof
  • Installed water-efficient interior plumbing
  • Planted a drought-tolerant landscape that uses a drip irrigation system

Estimated Yearly Savings

  • Reduced electricity use 38.5 percent
  • Contributes 16 percent of solar generated electricity back to City of Glendale
  • Reduced water usage by 62 percent