Success Stories

Read about Quick Mount PV | Systems that “A-Mount” to High Sustainability Standards

Quick Mount PV was founded in 2006 to bring cost-effective, code-compliant, waterproof rooftop mounting systems to the solar industry.

Bicyclists participating in Bike to Work Day pose for a photo.
Read about Crown Paper Converting | Winning the Crown in Paper Conversion and Energy Efficiency Improvements

Crown Paper Converting is a paper converting supplier that is leading the way in energy efficiency improvements and considerable utility savings. In 2013, they invested $250,000 in 440 solar panels.

Read about New Leaf Biofuel | Getting to the Core of Renewable Energy and Environmental Stewardship

New Leaf Biofuel (New Leaf) is committed to inspiring global transformation by promoting healthy growth and sustainability within their community.

Read about Nortra-Cables, Inc. | Low-Carbon Cable Manufacturer

Nortra-Cables, Inc. offers custom cable and wire harness design, prototyping and manufacturing services for medical, computer, communications, industrial and electromechanical applications, and is constantly striving to reduce its carbon footprint.

Read about Conejo Awards | Award Manufacturer Wins Sustainability Award

As the first business to be certified “green” by the City of Thousand Oaks, Conejo Awards is considered a leader in green innovation. Conejo Awards, an awards and promotional materials retailer, remains committed to being environmentally responsible in all aspects of their business.

California Small Business Day flier with Assembly Member Audra Strickland presenting an award.
Read about Codexis, Inc. | Bioengineering, Made Greener

Codexis, Inc. is a bio-fuel, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering firm that is transforming their Redwood City headquarters in an effort to increase waste diversion and foster employee education and participation in environmentally friendly practices.

Read about Light and Motion Industries | Lighting the Way to Sustainability

Light and Motion Industries, Inc. is a manufacturing company located in a converted building on Monterey’s famous Cannery Row. They design, market, and manufacture two product lines: high performance bike headlights and high quality underwater video and digital camera housing and lighting.

Read about Royal Hawaiian Honey | Carbon Free Honey

Tropical Traders Specialty Foods, LLC, which produces the Royal Hawaiian Honey line, decided it could have a positive impact on climate change.

Read about Hero Arts | Creative Inspiration Every Day

Hero Arts, Inc. has a history of sustainability that dates all the way back to the mid-70s when founder Jackie Leventhal kicked off the business.

Read about Paragon Label & Mrs. Grossmans | Committed to Expanding Sustainability

Petaluma-based label printing enterprise and sticker manufacturer, Paragon Label and Mrs. Grossmans, are committed to producing the highest quality products for their customers in the most sustainable manner possible. Paragon Label and Mrs.