Winning the Crown in Paper Conversion and Energy Efficiency Improvements

Crown Paper Converting is a paper converting supplier that is leading the way in energy efficiency improvements and considerable utility savings. In 2013, they invested $250,000 in 440 solar panels. Over the past three years, the solar panels have generated 334,793 kilowatt hours of energy and a savings of more than $15,000 per year. Through their website (, they track the solar energy generated, total CO2 offsets, tons of CO2 saved, and gallons of gas saved. Crown Paper Converting also invested $35,000 in switching T12 florescent lighting to T8 with motion sensors, saving the company $28,000 in four years (with an expected return on investment of 5 years). All their machines contain new retrofitted energy efficient motors and are cycled individually to avoid peak demand, reducing the stress on Southern California Edison electricity.

Crown Paper Converting has implemented a Statement of Policy regarding their definition of recycled. They support the Policy by continually training their ~35 employees to reduce unnecessary waste. They recycle all of their office-related materials and bail all of their paper materials for reuse by local mills. Crown Paper only buys 100% recycled paperboard and 85% of Crown Paper’s working material, like plastic stretch film and broken pallets, gets recycled by the city of Ontario.

Furthering their green efforts, they replaced all the grass with turf, installed a drip irrigation system, and upgraded to waterless urinals and low flow toilets. Crown Paper expects a 90% reduction in water usage by the year 2018. Their transportation fleet includes seven natural gas forklifts, a Honda Hybrid, and a clean-idle semi-truck.

Crown Paper Converting makes an effort to showcase their green operations to vendors, particularly their solar panels, propane powered forklifts, and large recycle bins. On their company blog, they have featured posts on sustainability including ways used paper can save the planet and the benefits of paper vs. plastic.

“We have done more than preach about being environmentally conscious. We are a role model by action.” - Taylor Hale, CEO, Crown Paper Converting

Crown Paper Converting
1380 Bon View Avene
Ontario, CA 91761

Crown Paper Converting provides materials to the packaging industry and supplies floor protection and drywall shims to the building industry

Upgrades and Savings:

  • Installed 440 solar panels that generated 334,793 kilowatt hours of energy and saved $45,000 over three years
  • Saved the equivalent of 6,025 trees, 240 tons of CO2, and 27,116 gallons of gas with solar panel installation
  • Switched from T12 florescent lighting to T8 with motion sensors and saved approximately $7,000 per year
  • Reduced water use by ~90% by replacing all grass with turf and installing waterless urinals and low flow toilets
  • Use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and propane powered forklifts that save over $800 per year in tax benefits

Green Practices:

  • Post information on environmental sustainability on company blog
  • Purchase 100% recycled paperboard
  • Recycle 85% of working material plastic stretch film and broken pallets
  • Use recycled grease and oil for the maintenance of their machines
  • Cycle machines individually to avoid peak demand and eliminate the stress on local utility provider
  • Use seven natural gas forklifts, a Honda Hybrid, and a clean-idle semi-truck as part of their transportation flee

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