Bioengineering, Made Greener

Codexis, Inc. is a bio-fuel, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering firm that is transforming their Redwood City headquarters in an effort to increase waste diversion and foster employee education and participation in environmentally friendly practices. Codexis headquarters hosts over 100 employees spread across three buildings filled with laboratories, office spaces and industrial facilities. In 2013, Codexis launched a waste centralization program to collect and sort trash. For individual trash, recycling and composting bins were places in several central locations and employees were trained on how to properly sort items among the three bins. Codexis also purchased reusable dishes and utensils for the lunch program. Third party vendors coordinate with Codexis to recycle thousands of plastic boxes and low-density polyethylene plastics that were previously thrown in the trash. These measures have diverted approximately 80 percent of Codexis’ waste for recycling or composting.

Codexis also reduced their electricity use by over 16 percent in 2013, by utilizing a timer that turns-off equipment at night and on the weekends.

Public and employee outreach is important at Codexis. Employees are encouraged to attend tours at the San Carlos Shoreway Environmental Center to learn the importance of waste segregation. They also sponsor Codexis Earth Week, featuring games, tutorials and activities about the importance of waste minimization, at-home composting seminars and are sponsors of the Seaport Business Park’s Bike-to-Work-Week. In addition, Codexis provides employees with updates on workplace sustainability metrics at all company meetings. Employees are encouraged to live sustainable lifestyles, both at work and at home.

Codexis is also the three-time recipient of the Environmental Protection Agency Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in recognition for their manufacturing processes that reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and toxins. Codexis, Inc. is dedicated to teaching employees and the public about sustainable living and the true cost of waste. Codexis also serves as a model for other businesses, proving sustainability and the bottom line are not exclusive.

Codexis, Inc.
200 Penobscot Drive
Redwood City, CA 95063

“Since green chemistry and sustainability are an integral focus of our business model, we believe that the same values should be applied to our daily work practices and facility operations.” - Carl Muska, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs