Success Stories

Read about Tooles Garage | Extending Hybrid Vehicle Battery Life: Good for Business and the Environment!

Toole’s Garage has taken a bold stance for environmental sustainability through changes to daily operations and a comprehensive set of facility improvements.

Read about Luxury Auto Body | Outstanding Reputation for Auto Repair Service and Environmental Conservation

Luxury Auto Body is a full service collision repair shop that has taken a proactive approach in the areas of compliance and conservation. At Luxury Auto Body, several initiatives have been implemented to conserve water, reduce monthly energy demand, and create environmental partnerships.

Read about Aperia Technologies | Changing the World One Revolution at a Time

“Changing the world one revolution at a time,” is Aperia Technologies’ motto, which they aim to do with their Halo Tire Inflator. This technology addresses the problem of tire under-inflation, which has been known to increase carbon dioxide emissions, oil consumption, and tire waste.

Read about E&B Auto Repair | Auto Repair Done Right

E&B Auto Repair, located in Fort Bragg, is dedicated to providing customers with quality service and fair prices at their California Certified Green Station.

Read about Premier Auto Tops & Interiors | Green Upholstery Story

Premier Auto Tops and Interiors is one of the largest and most experienced upholstery companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1965 by Dan O'Neill and Bob Mestressat, Premier has been at the same location for 45 years and now implements sustainable business practices.

Read about Pacific Motor Service | Environmentally Friendly Auto Repair

Established in 1947, Pacific Motor Service has been an environmentally friendly shop since its inception. Having gone through the “Green Shop” inspection/qualification process, several areas did require attention, and in some cases, wholesale change.