Changing the World One Revolution at a Time

“Changing the world one revolution at a time,” is Aperia Technologies’ motto, which they aim to do with their Halo Tire Inflator. This technology addresses the problem of tire under-inflation, which has been known to increase carbon dioxide emissions, oil consumption, and tire waste. Aperia Technologies’ achievements in creating products that reduce carbon dioxide emissions translates into their commitment to incorporate eco-friendly office practices and green building features into their business operations.

They are most proud of their efforts to be efficient using fewer resources. For example, their decision to manufacture locally, avoids air travel carbon dioxide emissions that would have occurred if they manufactured elsewhere. Aperia Technologies also minimizes printing by using digital documentation and prioritizing bulk shipping. The furniture and equipment for their office, warehouse, machine shop, and test lab is used or comes from recycled materials.

Aperia Technologies has proactive environmental health and safety practices, as well as waste management strategies. They adopted a hazardous material storage and disposal policy and a chemical safety plan. Signage at waste locations depicts what is compostable and what is recyclable in the office kitchen. They also use recyclable packaging for products.

Aperia Technologies fosters a culture that is environmentally conscious for employees by providing a public transportation reimbursement policy, frequent carpool groups, a bike friendly office, and quarterly staff “Lunch and Learns” on sustainability and safety policies. Lunch and Learns provide an opportunity to introduce new initiatives or give refresher training sessions on sustainable practices.

The company frequently shares their efforts with other technology startups in an effort to help peers plan effectively and make sustainable business decisions about where to locate, how to operate, and what policies to put in place. They also write quarterly newsletters to the investor and business affiliate community that cover topics such as energy efficiency. Aperia Technologies says the reason they continually work to be a more efficient company has not been the desire to cut operating costs (though that helps), but rather to contribute in a small way to reducing the nation’s massive level of carbon emissions. Their sustainable mindset is one of their core values, which they believe is a required effort to build a company culture and brand that will continue to attract top employees and customers, and enable them to help change the world.

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Aperia Technologies
1616 Rollins Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

Aperia Technologies provides automatic tire inflation technology for commercial vehicles to increase optimal tire pressure

Sustainable Office Features

  • Electric/hybrid charging unit
  • Recycling signage
  • Lighting occupancy sensors
  • Solar screening on windows
  • Efficient heating unit and insulated warehouse
  • Outdoor seating area with climate appropriate landscaping
  • Naturally lit office space
  • Conveniently located near two major public transportation lines

Cost Savings

  • Saves more than $1,000 per year by installing a new, more efficient heating unit in their warehouse
  • Saves another $1,000+ per year with recent IT power management initiative for office and lab equipment
  • Hundreds of dollars of additional savings on utility bill by installing lighting occupancy sensors and implementing thermostat programming