E & B Auto Repair

This automotive repair and certified smog check test station is proud to be one of the few north coast California Certified Green Stations.  E & B Auto Repair prides itself on providing environmentally responsible service to its customers.  By installing a roof-mounted solar power system, E & B has been able to generate more electricity than the shop requires and projects a full return on their investment after only 8 years.  Prior to installing their solar power system, E & B conducted an energy audit and reduced energy consumption throughout the shop by installing lighting retrofits with motion sensors.  This allowed them to purchase a smaller solar power system, saving over $6,000, while providing 30% increased lighting in the shop.In addition to energy conservation and renewable energy, E & B Auto Repair has implemented many water saving features.  In 2012, they removed a petroleum-based solvent parts washer and replaced it with a Smart Washer aqueous process machine (saving $42/month).  The Smart Washer is also used for brake assembly cleaning, which has drastically reduced the amount of aerosol brake cleaner used at the shop.  To conserve water, they stopped washing cars at the shop (saving over 2,200 gallons of water/month) and began purchasing car wash coupons to give to customers, valid at the local commercial car wash where water is recycled.  In addition, E & B adopted a 4-step dry shop method of floor cleaning, putting the finishing touch on their water conservation efforts!  One of their most noticeable sustainable actions is that they power their business transportation with renewable energy.  E & B has a solar-electric NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) for transporting their customers and running errands around town.  This handy 4-passenger, low speed vehicle has a solar roof so it charges anytime it’s in the sunlight, saves over $300/year in fuel costs, and reduces emissions.  Employees are engaged in their sustainability efforts, often present new and innovative ideas to the owner, and are rewarded with dinner or a gift certificate if their recommendations are implemented.  E & B is a shining example of what a small business can do to reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and engage others in their community to take sustainable actions.

Fort Bragg
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