Aperia Technologies, Inc.

“Changing the world one revolution at a time” is Aperia Technologies’ motto, which the company aims to do by providing automatic tire inflation technology for commercial vehicles and incorporating eco-friendly office practices. Using its Halo Tire Inflator and other product technologies, Aperia Technologies addresses tire under-inflation, which takes a heavy toll on the environment due to increased CO2 emissions, oil consumption, and tire waste. Aperia’s facility boasts features, such as an electric/hybrid charging unit, recycling and on-site composting, lighting occupancy sensors, and solar screening on windows. Its biggest investment has been a new, more efficient heating unit in its warehouse, which is estimated to save more than $1,000 per year. Furthermore, the company’s information technology power management initiative for office and lab equipment resulted in an additional savings of over $1,000 per year. Aperia Technologies is most proud of its decision to manufacture locally, knowing that carbon emissions are avoided by cutting air travel from foreign suppliers. The company fosters an environmentally conscious culture for employees by providing public transportation reimbursement, frequent carpool groups, a bike friendly office, an outdoor seating area with climate appropriate landscaping, and raising staff awareness through quarterly ‘Lunch and Learns’ on sustainability and safety policies.

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