Lafayette Car Wash

For the past 21 years, the Lafayette Car Wash and Detail Center in Contra Costa County has been providing quality, environmentally-conscious car care cleaning services to approximately 80,000 vehicles annually. The family-owned and operated center exemplifies how maintaining green business operations leads to both financial rewards and recognition. By installing motion sensor lighting, CFL bulbs, surge suppressors, and updated vacuum equipment and monitoring devices, Lafayette Car Wash has been able to reduce its PG&E bill by minimizing its electrical consumption.  Efforts to conserve water by increasing the water recycling and reclaim system, installing waterless urinals and low-flow toilets, and watering landscape by hand have paid off. The initiatives and investments demonstrated by this business have led to multiple awards, including the 2014 Environmental Award of Excellence from the City of Lafayette and the Water Smart Business Award from 2015-2017 from East Bay Municipal Utility District. The center’s environmental initiative, however, goes beyond profit and awards. Lafayette Car Wash also educates clients and the public on recycling, water conservation, and environmental stewardship through advertisements, company literature, and signage in its hallway that is seen by more than 60,000 people annually. Through both internal and external operations, Lafayette Car Wash and Detail Center is proving that climate-friendly businesses play an important role in building a sustainable future.

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