Success Stories

Read about Fetzer Vineyards | Creating Award-Winning and Sustainable Wines

Fetzer Vineyards is not only popular for its affordable and palatable wines; the company has been a recognized role model for sustainability since it formalized its commitment to the environment in 1998.

Read about Dixon Ridge Farms | Walnut Powered Farm

East of the town of Winters is Dixon Ridge Farms, where Russell and Kathleen Lester produce organic walnuts on 500 acres of their 1,250 acre farm site. Their innovative use of alternative energy significantly reduces their overall carbon footprint.

Read about Harmony Farm Supply and Nursery | Growing Energy Efficiency

Harmony Farm Supply and Nursery is literally growing money on trees with energy-efficiency improvements. Like many small businesses, Harmony Farm Supply and Nursery relied on high bay metal halide lighting fixtures and outdated T-12 fluorescent lights that consumed large amounts of energy.

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