Dixon Ridge Farms

This family owned and operated farm and processing operation grows organic walnuts on over 500 acres, and buys about 2,500 more acres of organic walnut production from 67 growers. As the largest handler of organic walnuts in the country, the company engages in a sustainable, whole systems approach to organic farming and business. They replaced their ag pump with a high-efficiency electric motor and variable speed controller; installed variable speed drives on condenser units to slow the motors down during periods of less than 100% load; and, upgraded the wall and roof insulation in a 6,000 square foot freezer that will pay for itself in 4 years due to energy reduction. They retrofitted 150 400-watt, metal halide fixtures with 6-lamp high bay fluorescent fixtures that use about 221 watts. Additionally, the company set a goal of zero waste by 2014.

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