Three Squares, Inc

This company is an environmental consulting firm and sustainable event producer. They track emission data from all their business activities including air travel, vehicle miles traveled, and energy usage. The company invested in renewable energy certificates and verifiable carbon offset projects to offset 100% of their office energy needs. They arranged their workspace to take advantage of areas with natural light, and used smart power strips that automatically turn off all phantom outlets when the main control plug is not in use. Three Squares chose vendors that take back products after their shelf life is over and used eco-friendly caterers that serve food on reusable dishes, have compost and recycling programs, and purchase produce from local vendors. All their contractors are able to telecommute, and the company relies heavily on Skype and online tools to reduce commuting. The company reduced unwanted mail by requesting to be removed from mailing lists and they recycled and reused paper, paper products, and e-waste. They donated and exchanged usable items, using web sites like The company purchased 100% post-consumer and recycled content office paper products, ink and toner cartridges, and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT®) Gold certified computers. They used non-toxic cleaning products and/or those that received Green Seal certification.

Santa Monica