Studio City Orthodontist

Studio City Orthodontist is an Invisalign-only dental office providing clients a clear alternative to braces in a beautiful, energy/water efficient and healthier orthodontist office space. By retrofitting their new office space, which opened in fall 2014, the owners only used non-toxic paint, varnish and caulks, and made sure that all wood was reclaimed to prevent materials from being landfilled. They are dedicated to water conservation, and aside from using WaterSense certified appliances, they collect rain water for their Zen garden, which is full of drought-tolerant succulents. Additionally, Studio City Orthodontist owners replaced a 50+-year-old heating ventilation and air conditioning system and ensured that there were no gaps or holes in the insulation. To save more energy, they installed a smart programmable Nest thermostat, natural lighting, ENERGY STAR certified equipment, a cool roof, and high-efficiency LED lighting. Because of the retrofit, Studio City Orthodontist says they are paying at least 40 percent less in utility bills. They post signage throughout the office to point out the green features of their space and like to show visitors that green business is affordable, profitable and achievable.

Studio City
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