Helping Improve Smiles and the Environment

Studio City Orthodontist values the health and well-being of their clients and they know that goes beyond a beautiful smile. They are the nation’s first Invisalign® only dental office providing clients a clear alternative to braces in a healthy, sustainable facility.

By retrofitting an old, empty office space, the owners used it as an opportunity to install many green features at their new location. They worked with Green life Consulting, who streamlined the project by providing options that made the most sense for the business, the clients, and the employees. They replaced a 50+ year old heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and ensured that there were no gaps or holes in the insulation. The duct work for the new HVAC system was a challenge because everything was so old and had to be replaced and redesigned in its original space; in the end, it was a success! Additionally, all the windows put on the building are double pane, high efficiency, caulked, and sealed. A smart programmable Nest® thermostat helps control indoor temperature and a cool roof reflects heat away from the building.

To reduce waste, they have gone paperless, including using an all-digital X-ray machine and a high efficiency bathroom hand dryer to replace paper towels. They do not provide plastic water bottles, but instead use reusable glass dishes for employees and clients. One of their favorite parts of the new office includes the use of reclaimed wood for certain design features and furniture. The wood is beautiful and historic, but most importantly saves materials from being landfilled.

Studio City Orthodontist is also dedicated to water conservation. Aside from using Water Sense® certified plumbing fixtures, they collect rain water for their zen garden full of native succulents. All planters are hand watered to prevent runoff or over watering. There is permeable paving on the patio and the downspouts from the building roof drain into planting beds to redirect storm water.

Commenting on their office renovation, Studio City Orthodontist said that hiring a consultant was a great idea because it helped them verify the green measures that they were taking. Consequently, they like to show visitors that being green is affordable, profitable, and doable. They post signage throughout the office to point out sustainable features of their space (i.e. low-flow plumbing, energy efficient equipment, and reclaimed material).


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Studio City Orthodontist
12405 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604

Studio City Orthodontist is an Invisalign® only dental office providing clients a clear alternative to braces.

Office Renovations:

  • Installed an ENERGY STAR circulation fan for superior indoor air quality
  • Replaced a 50+ year old HVaC system with an ENERGY STAR certified system and brand new ductwork throughout
  • Installed all led lighting and skylights for natural lighting
  • Used non-toxic paints, varnish, and caulks for sealing
  • Implemented a cool roof strategy to reflect the suns heat away from the building
  • Installed ENERGY STAR certified equipment (computers, refrigerator, coffee maker, demand tankless water heater)
  • Uses low maintenance, high efficiency, no water necessary dental equipment

Green Actions:

  • Reduced paper by ending junk mail on
  • Encouraged alternative transportation by providing a bike rack and incentives for clients that bike or walk to the office
  • Shut down all electronics at the end of the business day
  • Promotes environmental awareness on the company social media sites
  • Engages employees through Green team quarterly meetings

Cost Savings:

  • Paying 40% less in utility bills