Recon Recycling

This disabled-veteran owned recycling business provides waste reduction and recycling collection services, environmental consulting, and recycling and waste audits for multi-family dwellings, businesses, and special events. They revised their driving routes and were able to save $400/month on fuel. Recon is able to operate a 6,600 square foot space while spending only $100/month for electricity because they monitor their electricity usage, use motion sensor lighting fixtures, and illuminate their space with skylights. Additionally, Recon powers their forklift with natural gas, uses green cleaning products, prints all materials on recycled paper, and encourages clients to accept invoices and correspondence electronically. The company offers training to their clients and community, including sponsoring “Reconnect,” an annual environmental festival which educates clients and others about recyclable products and sustainable practices. Using the CoolCalifornia calculator, the firm determined that they reduced 3 metric tons of CO2e/year, lowering emissions from 15 to 12 metric tons over business-as-usual practices, and now emit only about 33% of what similar businesses emit.

San Diego

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