New Leaf Biofuel

New Leaf Biofuel partners with local restaurants to produce premium biodiesel from recycled cooking oil, and supplies this renewable fuel throughout the region. As a part of their recent expansion and carbon intensity reduction project, New Leaf Biofuel replaced two old heavy duty trucks with new, higher efficiency 2013 and 2014 vehicles. Both of the trucks include a post 2010 emission control system and run on used biofuel. They also installed a number of energy and water efficiency features in their building, including: jacketed reactors in their processing room, load leveling variable frequency drives (VFDs), high insulation piping for all process heating and cooling lines, water use reduction facility process improvements, and a 2.2 MMBtu natural gas boiler. In addition, they compost at the office, use recycled paper, and installed energy efficient lighting (including motion-activated lighting in the plant). Their actions resulted in a 39% decrease in electricity consumption and a 39% decrease in water use. New Leaf Biofuel is a part of the Clean Cities Coalition, National Biodiesel Board, and California Biodiesel Alliance. They won the SANDEE Award for Excellence in Transportation and the Blue Sky Leadership Award from the San Diego Air Pollution Control District.

San Diego
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