Precision Labs Calibration

Precision Labs Calibration is a Native American-owned business in Antelope Valley that performs high technology calibration services for medical, aerospace, agricultural and film industries. Precision Labs calibrates electrocardiography machines, attunes sound and light meters, and performs highly accurate measurements of temperature and humidity. Following five years of 10 percent annual growth, the owners decided to give back to their community and the world at large by undertaking an ambitious goal to become Antelope Valley’s first net zero electric building. To reach this goal, they invested in a rooftop solar system, LED lighting, timers to shut off refrigerators, control systems that place the building in a low-power state, electric wiring to control when the water heater runs, and additional insulation. They also modified the outdoor lighting timers to coincide with astrological timing rather than a specific time, trained employees to shut off unused lights and systems, created a contract to replace their single pane windows with double pane windows, and serviced their five air conditioners. Two of the air conditioners were placed on Southern California Edison’s Summer Discount Plan, where they could be shut down for up to six hours per day during periods of high electricity demand or emergencies. Taken together, these actions resulted in more than a 100 percent reduction in utility electrical consumption, making the electric bill nearly zero, as well as providing 40 percent brighter offices and laboratories. The total investment was $85,000 and return on investment is expected in three years, based on tax incentives and a decrease in the electricity bill. 
In order to help other small companies reduce their carbon footprint, Precision Labs Calibration created a major educational event that was attended by 200 people, including a representative from Congressman “Buck” McKeon’s office, Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, State Senator Steve Knight, and Assemblyman Steve Fox. The event was broadcast by a local radio station and featured in the business section of the Antelope Valley Press newspaper. As a result of the event, at least two more small businesses and one resident have installed solar. In addition, Terry Norris, CEO of Precision Labs Calibration, has reached out to the City of Palmdale to create a certified green program, with the goal of encouraging more companies to invest in eco-friendly business practices. Terry Norris described his company perfectly when he stated: “We lead not only in the calibration world, but as community leaders that care for the future of all people.”