The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company, Inc.

The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company, Inc. specializes in environmentally-conscious, professional window, rain gutter and solar panel cleaning services. From business operations to philanthropic efforts, this business is committed to sustainability and conservation. The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company uses paperless invoicing and estimates, natural soaps to decrease harmful contaminants, and high efficiency LED light bulbs and washing machines. The Glass Man implemented a strict travel schedule that improves both fuel costs and efficiency and has pledged to plant trees. The business is dedicated to water conservation and education, educating everyone from employees and clients to the local Business Network International (BNI) chapter.  The business extends these efforts by supporting One Percent for the Plant for the past six years; 1% of its revenues aid the Ventura Hillside Conservancy, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, and Mountain Restoration Trust. The company’s dedication to fostering environmental health has been acknowledged by media outlets such as Sustainable Ventura News, which highlighted the company’s green operations in a short video. The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company’s leadership is best described in its own words: “Change does not come quickly, nor in large sweeps, but if we continue to stand up and proclaim that operating with the interest of the environment at the forefront of our minds is key to our existence as a business, our success, and our continued operation, others will follow.” 

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